iPhone vs iPhone 3G… not upgrading just yet

iphoneSo I have had a few days to digest the new iPhone 3G and as of right now, I do not think I will be upgrading. Being the huge Apple fan that I am, I could not wait for the new iPhone to come out, but I do not think that there are enough reasons for me to upgrade… right now.

The two main improvements to the phone’s hardware are the 3G data and Assisted GPS. Now the faster speeds and location assistance are great added features, but they do not really trump the previous phone that much, especially if you are around wi-fi most of the time. The other major feature being added is the software. The iPhone 2.0 software includes exchange support, the app store, and other enhancements, which all current iPhone owners will be getting for free.

That is the real key to why I am not upgrading. I am going to get most of the benefits of the new phone with the free software upgrade. With my current situation I am around wi-fi most of the time and I already get pseudo location assistance through the current phone. I also only pay $20 a month for data instead of the new $30 3G package from AT&T, saving me $240 over the life of the 2 year AT&T contract.

Now remember, I said that I am not upgrading right now, but there is one new addition that could compel me to upgrade… the app store. The software being developed for the phone could almost force someone to upgrade because some killer application needs the hardware to function properly.

Apps that are location aware are going to change the way people interact and go about their daily lives. Examples would be OmniFocus, Qik, and Twitterrific. Not to mention all the games, productivity tools, and whatever else the developers can come up with.

The problem is that I live in Fresno and most of my friends, and Fresno in general, are not very tech savvy… people may be on myspace or facebook, but most don’t know what twitter or pownce are, very few have blogs, or check out TechCrunch. Location aware apps and socializing are not going to be very prevalent in this area until they hit a mainstream and warrant upgrading.

So for now I wait…


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