Mayhem Festival

Last night was the Mayhem Festival in Fresno at the Save Mart Center. Great show all around and my ears are still ringing this morning. I had to work late so I only got to see the last three bands on the main stage Dragonforce, Disturbed, and Slipknot. This was the fifth stop of the tour and the forth night that they played in a row. I had good seats in one of my friend’s suites, so I was out of the madness of the pit, but got to actually see the show. I would have pictures, but my iPhone’s battery died right before the show started.

First up Dragonforce… These guys are so talented. They just rip though there music and the fastest stuff I have ever seen. The sound at Save Mart was off for them a little at the beginning of the set, but by Through the Fire and Flames (their finale of course) they tweaked it enough to sound good. Got to love that British metal!

Next was Disturbed… The lead singer was wheeled on on a dolly wrapped in a straight jacket. They rocked though their set and sounded great the whole time. Their stage set up was not very flashy, but they made up for it with the great sound and played all the hits.

Lastly, we have Slipknot… In my opinion they stole the show. They killed it the whole time and their stage antics are insane. Flames, lights, floating drum kits, and members running into the mosh pit. Their DJ, #0, played the show, and is continuing to play the tour, in a wheelchair after having broken both heels from jumping off the stage at one of the first shows. They had to end early because of noise restrictions, so we missed some popular songs (Wait & Bleed & Vermilion to name a few) but they ended with (Sic) which is one of my favorite.

I would give the whole experience a 4 out of 5.

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