Extreme Makeover: Fresno Edition

I have been fortunate to see the process of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as it came through Fresno to build a home for the Rojas family. Through my affiliation to the builder, I was able to be apart of some different situations with the crew and design team.

Time to Prepare

The first was an event prior to the build week. What many people don’t realize is there is a huge staff behind the scenes that help with all the planning and preparation to actually build the home. What took seven days to build, actually took months to prepare. A bunch of us got to hang out with some members of the design and build crew who had been working with DeYoung Properties. These were not the people who are on TV, but the ones who still give up the lives and families to change lives. We got to hang out with them and play some Rock Band and just unwind. I think it was a nice break for them before the get into the hectic week of actual building.

Time to Build

emhebuildI actually got to volunteer and help with the build. I could not be there the whole time, like some of my friends, but did help for one day. I was there on Monday and the home was already taking shape. The crews were finishing up drywall and trying to dry the stucco. I got to assist serving lunch for the workers and clean up around the house. It was amazing how many people were working on the project. It almost seemed like there was not that much individual work to do. The planning and preparation had done its job. Unfortunately, I did not get the see the final stages of the home or the famous “move that bus.”

Time to Celebrate

carpenoctemThe fun started after the reveal of the home. DeYoung Properties held a wrap party for many of the people involved with the build. It was held at Weber BMW and it was a great time. They had food & drinks, dancing, and even a rock band performed. I think one of the truly telling things of the entire build process was when members of the design team said this might have been the easiest build they have ever been on. That is a pretty bold statement since they have done over 100 of these. That is the true testament to the preparation by DeYoung Properties, the City of Fresno, the crew, all the volunteers, and the sponsors.

Hopefully, the Rojas  family are enjoying their new home.

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