Super Bowl Weekend

Well, Super Bowl weekend is finally here. We have the steady, defensive minded Pittsburgh Steelers (Ed. Note: Yeah!) versus the Cinderella story Arizona Cardinals. Two very different teams who have reached the championship in very different ways.

The Steelers come in with an 12-4 record and the best defense in the league. They won some tough match ups against the toughest schedule in the league and the defense always kept them in the game.  The Cardinals won the terrible NFC West division early and decided to take a month off prior to the playoffs. They stood at 9-7 coming into the playoffs, but the offense got going and Larry Fitzgerald decided to become superhuman.

The stories of the week have been the Boldin problem, Kurt & Brenda Warner, Obama’s Pick, the commercials, and some how, the Steelers kicker Jeff Reed.

So it has come down to this, winner take all. There is no way I am going to pick against my Steelers, so I have them winning in a closer game than many people think.

Have fun at all the Super Bowl parties and don’t forget there is a really good UFC fight Saturday night too. BJ Penn vs GSP.


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