Weekly Links – Feb 13

As you can see, I stopped doing daily links. (Ed. Note: That ended quickly.) I am going to do weekly links though. It’s much more manageable. Above we have James Harrison on SNL… He seems tired. Below are some things that I starred in Reader this week. If you are not using an RSS reader, you should really get one, (they’re free) and subscribe to my feed.

  • Just saw this today, but if you ever wanted an XBox and for some reason don’t have one, this might be the best deal you find. Ever. [Gizmodo]
  • I think we all want this garage. [Apartment Therapy]
  • Google came out with some cool things this week. PowerMeter for tracking electricity and saving you money, and Google Sync for syncing contacts and calender to mobile phones.  Why pay for MobileMe.
  • Want to feel better in your workspace or home. Just use these indoor plants [LifeHacker]
  • I just love seeing more things about how bad the economy is and this one is not good. Thanks Nancy Pelosi, always the bearer of good news.  [Consumerist]
  • With the economy so bad, you can always make a living by doing something that you love. [Get Rich Slowly]

I like ending on a good note. Have a fun Valentine’s Day weekend!

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