Weekly Links – Feb 20

This week there are a ton of links, so lets get to it.

  • Getting Rich Slowly has some great posts up about How to Build Confidence and Destroy Fear and Three Questions about Life Planning. Always helpful in these times.
  • There is this insane tagging system being developed for the iPhone. It would make tour guides a thing of the past. [TechCrunch]
  • Have you ever wanted to shoot booze really fast into your mouth? Well, now you can with Alcohol Shot Gun! [Gizmodo]
  • Some great tips to improve your photography skills. [SmashingMag]
  • So this is kinda crazy, but two nuclear subs crashed into each other and did not even know it! [Times via Gizmodo]
  • If you ever wanted easy network storage, this may be the way to go. [Engadget]
  • Another photo one for you. In this one Gizmodo explains why more megapixels are not always better.
  • Consumerist has the most and least affordable cities. I like how the town of Scranton, PA is in there.
  • Tiger Woods is back to playing golf. Yeah, now the tour is interesting again [FanHouse]

Have a fun weekend and I am going to leave you with a few things to do: Fresno Tweetup, MikeOz Vintage Style, Midnight Run at ROE

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