Weekly Links – Mar 6

Disneyland Valentine's Trip

A shot from our Valentine’s Day trip to Disneyland. There are many more on my flickr page and now off to the links.

  • The Beehive has 25 thing that I hate about Facebook. Funny video [Beehive]
  • If you every wondered what those Apple Geniuses or Geek Squad employees do with your computer, here is a little insight via Macenstein.
  • Watched this one when it aired, but Consumerist has a post about Jon Stewart destroying CNBC.
  • Mint.com has how the new stimulus plan may actually help homeowners in trouble. [Mint]
  • Next we have TechCrunch seeing Twitter as a Search Engine and how Facebook is fighting back, but Jon Stewart is just trying to figure it out via LifeHacker.
  • Unplggd has how to remove your online identity and if you ever wanted to go off the grid, check out Tim Ferriss’s post about the book Emergency.
  • If you have not done your taxes yet, LifeHacker has a post about getting the biggest return you can. Everyone needs more money right now.

Have a great weekend and make sure you are watching Extreme Makeover on Sunday night.

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