Apple iPhone 3.0 Event


The big news yesterday in the world of tech was the Apple iPhone 3.0 Media Event. What Apple did was show off some of the new features they are planning in the next development of the iPhone and allow developers to begin to develop those features in their apps. Mac Rumors has a rundown of the highlights.

In-App Purchasing: Allows developers to sell additional content from within applications. Highlighted uses include magazine subscriptions, eBooks, additional levels and items for games.
Peer-to-Peer Connectivity: Find other devices running the app via Bonjour over Wi-Fi of Bluetooth. Good for gaming, but also other applications for sharing data.
Third-Party Accessory Apps: Allowing accessory manufacturers to create applications to interface with their hardware accessories.
Push Notification: Rather than using background processes that hamper battery life, utilize third-party server to push badge, text, and audio alerts from applications.
Turn by Turn: Apple will allow developers to use CoreLocation for turn-by-turn GPS directions.
Cut, Copy and Paste: Available across all apps. Shake to undo or redo.
Landscape keyboard: Available in all key applications, including Mail.
MMS: Picture messaging now available.
Voice Memos: Record notes, lectures, interviews, etc.
Spotlight Search: Available across all applications. Systemwide search available from main home screen by flicking to the left.
A2DP Bluetooth: Support for stereo bluetooth headsets.

I think it’s funny that it took Apple till version 3.0 to get copy & paste in there, but it looks like we are finally going to get it. Another nice feature is the landscape keyboard in many apps. That will really help people with big fingers trying to type out emails. Finally, MMS gets into the phone, but you need the 3G version to make it work. It will not work in the original iPhone due to hardware limitations.

Gizmodo has a write up on why In-App Purchasing might not be good for the consumer. Basically, now developers can microcharge to add details and items to their apps. This is nice if you complete a game and they release more levels to continue playing, but the problem is some developers could make trialware of the software and charge extra for each item to make more money. Hopefully it does not turn into this type of market, but we will just have to wait and see.

If you are an Apple fanboy like me, you probably already knew all of this news. If not head over to Apple and watch the whole event in QuickTime.

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