Weekly Links – April 3

Well, I am back on track with the weekly links.

Above is a picture of some new business cards that I ordered. I got a great deal from uprinting.com and figured why not get some. I ordered a lot of them, so if you want one, let me know. Below are this weeks links.

  • Consumerist has some last minute tax tips. Make sure you get them done.
  • So you have an awesome new phone and you still get bad reception, Gizmodo explains why.
  • Google finally unveiled their extremely efficient servers from their data center. [Engadget]
  • Check out Metallica’s new video which was partly filmed at the Fresno Show. You might actually be in it [Beehive]
  • Shaq wants to turn SJM alumni Robin Lopez into a Tough Guy. [The Big Lead]
  • Microsoft is using our hard earned dollars to build a bridge. Love the stimulus package.
  • The showdown is upon us… which blanket with sleeves is the best. Thanks Gizomodo.

Enjoy the weekend!

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