Shooting with the Jones’s


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go out and learn some things about photography from one of the premier photographers in the valley – Ryan Jones from RCJones Photography. It does not hurt that he is a good friend of mine and the person that got me hooked on photography. The session was for the engagement of Krista and Joe. They were awesome for letting me tag along and see how a seasoned professional goes about his work.

As the assistant for the session, my main job was holding the reflector to adjust lighting. Although, I do not think I did as good of a job as this guy. (Scroll down for the great photo of Conlan.) I also did an excellent job of carrying everyone’s sunglasses. Other than holding things, I got to see how Ryan directs a photo session and how organic the process really is. During the shoot, I also got to take some photos. I did not take nearly as many as Ryan, but I got a few while they were focused on Ryan’s camera. Thanks for the fun learning experience guys!

Ryan posted his shots on his site here, and you can see more of mine by clicking below.

Ryan figuring out his shot. jonessession1wm

Their friend’s daughter who was out at Wolf Lakes when we went there to shoot.jonessession10wm








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