Weekly Links – May 22


My NIN|JA story and pictures are coming soon, but above is a little preview for you. It looks so ghostly to me.

  • In these times even movies can teach you something about money. Thanks, Mint.
  • Fresno got a few pictures on some larger national blogs: Consumerist has a photo of a banged up Fresno Bee newspaper stand (ed. note: I am sure the folks at the Beehive would not approve.) and Deadspin has a photo of Mr. Belding from the Grizzlies Mad Tight 90’s Night.
  • If you used Google Reader for your RSS reader, you can now share your feeds. If you do not know what an RSS reader is… go here, and then follow my feed. [TechCrunch]
  • A jobless guy used Facebook ads to land a job at Microsoft. Cheap and effective. [Consumerist]
  • Some really interesting graphs about how we acquire our information and how it will change in the future. [Baekdal]

Have a fun weekend and don’t forget to check out Little Dragon on Sunday night.

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