Split California?

An article in yesterdays Fresno Bee about an ex-valley lawmaker wanting to split the state in two got me thinking if it would be possible. The concept is to Downsize California and take the coastal counties from Los Angles to Marin and make them a separate state from the rest. This idea has been proposed before in a few different manners, but this one focuses to separate the agriculture and conservative crowd of the central valley from the liberal ones along the coast.

I understand where they are coming from. California is in dire need of some assistance and guidance. Our local, state, and national economies are in turmoil right now and we have a government in place that cannot seem to make any decisions. Many people are just choosing to pack up and leave the state. Governator, we have a problem.

My issue is that many of the things that I like about California would be taking away. The beauty of California is its diversity. We have diverse landscapes from the coast to the mountains, and everywhere in between. We have diverse people living throughout the state with many different cultures and ideas. We are also a powerful economy that produces positive products for the world including technology, entertainment, agriculture, and wine. All of these are benefits for California, and make the state a great place to live, work, and play.

Personally, I think the concept should not be to divide the state, but to unify it. Give us a positive direction that can bring the state together. Stop wasting money and time to divide our forces, but find ways to use the power of California to make the state stronger. The problem with the Downsize California Proposal is that they are trying to protect the agriculture needs of the state and a quote on their website sums it up.

“We cannot allow agriculturally uneducated city dwellers to dictate farm policies.”

The issue is that those areas they are trying to protect include diverse and thriving cities and city dwellers that need attention too. They are not solving the problem, but just moving it somewhere else. There are many issues that California needs to tackle right now including the economy, energy, education, environmental, and immigration. I am not saying I have an answer to any of these ongoing issues, but dividing California is not moving in the right direction.

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