Thanks Beehive


Big day for the Fresno Intertubes today, the Beehive got a new look. Go check it out, I’ll wait…

And you’re back. Along with that look, they also got a lot more functionality. Categories, featured posts, better search, tags, more author info, and wait for it… A blog roll circa 2005.

Some how they were kind enough to add my little site to their blog roll as you can see from the picture below.


For me, that is a pretty big deal. I never thought my site, which is still in it’s infancy, would be linked to a major paper’s blog.

As MikeOz warned in the comments of the update post,

Also (and let this be a notice to people who made the blog roll we’re looking for bloggers who update regularly.

I will work hard to keep interesting and relevant content posted, and if anyone has any suggestions, my inbox is always open.

I also want to thank The Fresnan for linking me in their blog roll too. Somehow I think I should get a blog roll and step into 2005. Thanks Beehive


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